RealRan MPC Pioneers

Envision A New Digital Economy Based on Multi-Parting Computing and Blockchain.

Who We Are

RealRan comes from the global engineering and cryptography research team, expertise in cryptography protocol and distribution consensus engineering.

What We Try to Build

We have launched serveral research & product domains to power the next generation computing scenarios, including Hybrid Smart Contract, Web3 and Metaverse.

  • High Performance and Secure Threshold Signature Scheme (TSS) Protocol

  • MPC based Random Oracle Protocol

  • ZK CRS Trust-Setup Ceremony and Specific Optimized Circuit

First Landing Bring Trustless Random Oracle to Web3 Builders

VRF 1.0 (GA)

  • Powered by PlatON consensus VRF seed

  • Compatible with chainlink SDK to minimize the migration effort for developers

VRF 2.0 (Q3)

  • MPC based verified random protocol for multi-chain ecosystem

  • ZK CRS trust-setup protocol

  • Solid VRF node provide the MPC computing capability

VRF 3.0 (Q4)

  • Open ecosystem for MPC node to join aim to enhance the security posture

  • Underlay MPC API opened to builders which could power more innovations happen

Hope more MPC based trustless protocols happen in web3?